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Our Approach to Technology

Technology has impacted every aspect of our lives

We believe that for the future-readiness of our students, classroom environment needs to mirror the environment of a modern workplace. Hence, technology in classrooms is not a luxury but the need of the hour. Starting 2016-17, we have implemented a comprehensive technology integration program to make learning highly relevant, more engaging, and deeply personalised.

Technology Infrastructure

Great technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational

We have revamped our technology infrastructure to have:

  • High speed internet connection across the school
  • Macbooks for all teachers
  • 1 iPad per child in grades 5 to 7
  • 1 laptop per child in grades 8 and above
  • State of the art display solutions in every classroom

Because of the school's focus on integrating new technologies in education, our children's way of studying has improved immensely.

Rajesh Sharma, Primary Years Parent


Co-Curricular Activities

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life and helps in enhancing learning process of students at school. Co-Curricular activities are compulsory activities which is important for every student to participate. Co-curricular are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.

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Both my daughters have done their schooling at My School. The program designed by the school nurtures confidence in children and allows them to look beyond the boundaries of a fixed syllabus.

Anita Soni, High School Parent